Resonance has been the main focus at Alter Ego since 1991. We strived
for creating an ideal vibration, rich in harmonics, that could be fully
picked up by our electronics. Our string instruments are the result of
this research. They are manufactured in Italy and are designed for
those players who seek superior acoustic qualities in
amplified instruments.

Alter ego Instrument

Our RES instruments fulfill the most important needs that professional musicians have: playability (fingerboard dressing, bridge setup, adjustable action, ergonomics), portability (removable neck, travel gig bag), and quality of materials (select Balkan maple, red spruce from Val di Fiemme).

While there are several instruments that claim the same, the ALTER EGO instruments stand out for their rich pizzicato and arco sound. The sound of the RES instruments is not created electronically, but, as in a traditional instrument, it stems from the balancing tensions between an instrument’s vibrating parts, among which the sound board constitutes its pulsating heart.

The concept is simple: the better the sound source is, the simpler and more linear the electronic component will need to be. In our RES instruments, the sound is amplified, never rectified.

The RES Techno Bass is our solution to reduce costs for all musicians. Our new production process stemmed around an AL 6082 body has allowed us to offer incredibly low prices while maintaining the ALTER EGO features (maple neck, Val di Fiemme resonance spruce, Despiau bridges, etc.) and electronic equipment.

Finally, is the new STILO double bass, available in 41- and 34-inch scale. It is most suitable for Pop/Rock music due to its decisive and powerful sound. It features a one-piece body, sturdy and incredibly versatile thanks to its accessories and components.


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