Doublebass Hollowbody

Since 1991, Alter ego instruments have been made relying on the resonance concept, in which a maple body, carved from solid, supports a resonant spruce soundboard and its neck (adjustable and removable). In over thirty years, the fine tuning of every single RES instrument, without exception, has passed through the hands of Alexander, the creator of Alter ego Instruments. Even today this is its added value, we are a team that makes the RES instruments entirely in Italy, from the varnish applied by hand, the dressing of the fingerboard to fine-tuning of the bridge. We make sure that each instrument plays to the maximum of its possibilities. The double pickup electronic set up is also a proprietary technology, conceived and created in-house to be totally integrated in the instruments.

Similar to all the other Alter ego instruments, the RES basses are designed for an immediate ergonomic feel, thanks to the removable and adjustable supports. We believe that with closed eyes, the feeling should be the same as the one of a traditional instrument.


All RES instruments are equipped with the Alter Ego Neck System, which allows to adjust the string action on the fly. This system also allows to remove the neck. The bass with detached neck fits our ultra-compact “Tournee” bag.


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Gig bag

Technical specifications

Tonewoods and Varnish

Neck: Balkan maple
Body: Balkan maple
Soundboard: Italian spruce
Fingerboard: fiber and fenolic resin
Tailpiece: Afromosia, ultraflexible cord
Varnish: Shellac, applied by brush
Bridge: Despiau
Removable Shoulders: adjustable to own ergonomy
Strings Set: Steel
Set strings: Thomastick Spirocore / D'Addario Hybrid
String height: adjustable with Alter EGO Neck System (link)

Travel bag


Removable Shoulders: adjustable to own ergonomy


Strings Set: Steel
Set strings: Thomastick Spirocore Solo set string.

String height: adjustable with Alter EGO Neck System (link)

Electronics Dual preamp:
Active – 9V operated
Alter Ego Polymeric Pickup, film under bridge
Alter Ego AUX Electrostatic Pickup, bridge mounted
Buffered signal with Separate Volume Control for AUX and Polymeric pickups
Fullness / Tone shaping filter
Output: 6.3mm jack


Padded cordura bag:
Travel gig bag double face: full and removable neck


Headphones Preamp
External wearable preamp box
9V operated
1.2 m coaxial cable
Output: 6.3 mm audio jack
Board-mounted trimmer
9V Alkaline Battery


Tripod: Ligth adjustable tripod with bag


All instruments come with a standard removable neck (thanks to the “Neck System”) for extra portability. The travel bag is 75 cms long (29.5 in.) and easily fits in an aircraft overhead compartment

Strings action
The Alter Ego neck system allows to adjust string action by changing the neck angle. No bridge adjusters are needed anymore. The system is quick and precise and can also be done during a performance.


What a joy to finally play some music with Francesca Tandoi, one of the most swinging (and humblest) musicians I've ever worked with. Here's our rendition of "This Can't Be Love". Looking forward to our upcoming shows in NYC and NJ next week! Alter-Ego Instruments Markbass #SelfieCam #VideolinoSimpatia

Pubblicato da Marco Panascìa su Domenica 11 dicembre 2016

Le demo sopra proposte sono cortesia dei nostri amici, in visita al nostro shop. Audio registrato sull’interfaccia USB Focusrite Solo, strumento (linea 1) collegato direttamente a un altoparlante amplificato (linea 2 – microfono Samson CO2). Nessuna preamplificazione aggiunta, nessuna equalizzazione, nessuna modifica del suono. Per una significativa valutazione del suono si consiglia l’ascolto in cuffia.

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