Upright Bass STILO

The STILO Bass is suitable for Pop/Rock music due to its decisive and powerful sound.

Also playable with the bow thanks to an appropriate curvature of the bridge, it shows its maximum performance in pizzicato.

The soundboard setting provides a string action similar to that of an electric bass, which makes it particularly easy to play.

Furthermore, the bridge height can be adjusted from the back of the instrument.

Even more than the RES bass, the STILO is versatile in terms of its range of accessories. It can be played on a tripod (light or heavy). Its neck can be smooth or have the 4th-position reference. It can also be played with the endpin in double bassmode. It can be played with adjustable right and left shoulders (see RES).

All components are modular and can be purchased separately at any time.


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Technical Specifications


Neck and body: maple with fixed trussrod
Fingerboard: natural fibers and Richlite phenolic resin or Ebony/Rosewood on request
Bridge: Despiau
Painting: shellac by brush
Movable parts: adjustable right support shoulder and left position reference
String height: Action adjustable by bridge wheels
String set: Thomastick Spirocore / D'Addario Hybrid
Number of strings: 4


The double pickup set up developed together with the new bridge is equipped with balance, tone, and volume; it is low impedance to avoid any disturbance at the source. A common 9V battery is inserted in a reverse polarity-proof circuit.


Compact, lightweight, robust and also inexpensive, STILO can be ordered in 41- and 34-inch sizes. Measurements in cms: height 126 (34' version 108 cms) - width 12 - depth 10


  • instrument kg 4.35 (34' version kg. 3.95)
  • endpin kg 0.50
  • shoulders and support kg 0.50
  • heavy tripod kg 3.20 Standard
  • light tripod kg 1.20 Optional

STILO neck reference and shoulders

straight neck
straight neck
4th position
4th position
right shoulder
right shoulder
full shoulders
full shoulders


Accessories to the RES basses are the “Da Gamba” shapes to outline the classical shapes of a double bass. These can also be customized on request. Other accessories are:
External headphones preamplifier. 9V powered and internal fine volume trimmer, w/ mono coaxial cable and 6.3 mm on/off jack

Adjustable bass tripod holder (needs to be used with the endpin) with its bag

Travel bag to store the entire bass when neck is removed:
Light stand (1.35 kg). Waterproof padded bag included.
Heavy stand (3.20 kg). Waterproof padded bag included.

Scale Version

STILO 41 inches and 34 inches scale
STILO 41 inches and 34 inches scale


Marco Panascia plays our STILO, visiting our shop.
Mark Bass Acoustic amplifier. Recorded with cell phone in direct environment, not wired.
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