Hollow Body RES DBass

Our RES upright basses maintain the same Alter Ego craftsmanship standards as in the past. They are designed with every detail respecting traditional construction principles. Their innovative feature is its body structure, made in aluminum alloy. Among the different types of alloy, we chose the AL 6062, whose mechanical properties are the closest to the tone woods it replaces. They still feature a resonance chamber in Balkan maple and a soundboard in Italian red spruce from Val di Fiemme. They also feature two sound-posts as natural equalizers. As with our previous models, they are rich in harmonics and are crafted to provide an immediate physical response so each musician can easily find their distinctive sound. Our master luthiers carefully fine-tune each instrument for maximum playability along the entire fingerboard length.

All RES upright basses are equipped with the Alter Ego Neck System that allows to quickly adjust the neck angle/string action. They also have a removable neck to fit in the ultra-compact soft travel bag that is offered as an option.


RES Techno is our new upright bass that can be ordered online from this page.
Send your inquiries about our previous models through our Contact form.


Neck: one piece Balkan maple
Body: aluminum alloy AL6062
Sound board: red spruce, from Val di Fiemme, Italy
Fingerboard: natural fibers and phenolic resin
Bridge: Despiau
Varnish: Natural shellac applied by brush
Tuners: Gotoh with ebony button
Tailpiece: Afromosia, w/ aramid fiber cord (Carbon version)
String action: adjustable (Alter Ego Neck System)
String set: Gewa Steel (Techno version) / Thomastic Spirocore (Carbon version)
Strings: 4


RES is offered with an active electronics system, powered with a 9V alkaline battery, and two sound sensors: one polymeric pickup, placed under the bridge, and a bridge-mounted microphone.
The proprietary active system is conceived to enhance the acoustic qualities of the ALTER EGO instruments. The two sound sources each have their own volume control so that a musician can easily shape their own desired sound.
In addition to the volume, a switch control (optional) for the microphone provides a quick adjustable “arco” setting.

The entire electronics is contained in one box that can be removed either for servicing or upgrading.


Weight: approx. 5 kgs
Full gig bag in cordura, waterproof and padded: 145 x 25 x 13 cms
Travel gig bag in cordura, waterproof and padded: 103 x 22 x 15 cms – to store full instrument witch neck removed

Full gig bag:

Travel gig bag:


In addition to our regular RES version, we offer a CARBON version, where we have added a carbon fiber cover with in-board electronics.
On request, we also make left-handed RES upright basses.


Accessories to the RES basses are the “Da Gamba” shapes to outline the classical shapes of a double bass. These can also be customized on request. Other accessories are:
– External headphones preamplifier. 9V powered and internal fine volume trimmer, w/ mono coaxial cable and 6.3 mm on/off jack
– Adjustable bass tripod holder (needs to be used with the endpin) with its bag
– Travel bag to store the entire bass when neck is removed.


All RES instruments come with a standard removable neck (thanks to the “Neck System”) for extra portability. The travel bag is 103 cms long and easily fits in an aircraft overhead compartment.


String action
The Alter Ego Neck System allows to adjust string action by changing the neck angle. No bridge adjusters are needed anymore. The system is quick and precise and can also be used during a performance.


We recommend listening with headphones. Credits to: Marco Panascia