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Our RES instruments are designed with every last detail respecting traditional construction principles. They have a sound chamber in Balkan maple and a vibrating sound board in red spruce, harvested in Val di Fiemme, Italy. They also feature a “sound post”, which serves as tone equalizer and enhances the bow reactivity. A finely crafted and smooth neck in maple together with a well-dressed fingerboard make the RES instruments very comfortable to play. The use of regular strings and a traditional bridge combined with a multi-source pick-up system give considerable tonal versatility for each musician to create their own sound. All violins also feature the Alter Ego Neck System that allows to instantly adjust the string action.

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The RES violins are our new model. They are available in 4 and 5 strings.

Technical specifications


Neck: one piece Balkan maple
Body: one piece Balkan maple
Sound board: red spruce, Val di Fiemme
Fingerboard, nut, pegs: Ebony
Varnish: Natural shellac applied by brush
Tailpiece: Ebony, w/ aramid fiber cord
String action: adjustable (Alter Ego Neck System)
String set: Pirastro / Larsen
Strings: 4 or 5 (with low C)


The RES violins come equipped with an active electronics system, powered with a 9V alkaline battery, and two sound sensors: one polymeric pickup, placed under the bridge, and a bridge-mounted microphone.
The proprietary active system is conceived to enhance the acoustic qualities of the ALTER EGO instruments. The two sound sources each have their own volume control so that a musician can easily shape their own desired sound.



Our violins have the exact same dimensions as a traditional instrument.

You can request the shaped case in red or blue.


LEFT-HANDED: On request, we also make left-handed violins, with full left-handed ergonomics.

5-STRING: On request, we also make 5-strings violins with low-C, with slightly wider fingerboard.


External headphones pre-amplifier.
9V powered and internal fine volume trimmer.
Equipped with mono coaxial cable and 6.3 mm on/off jack.


All RES instruments are also equipped with the ALTER EGO Neck System, which allows to instantly adjust, even during a performance, the string action by changing the neck angle.


The demos proposed above are courtesy of our friends, visiting our shop. Audio recorded on the Focusrite Solo USB interface, instrument (line 1) connected directly to an amplified speaker (line 2 – Samson CO2 microphone). No preamp added, no equalization, no sound modification. We recommend listening with headphones.

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